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Rafting Team Stories …

Graham Young
President & Co-Owner

Graham was born in Saskatchewan and is a die-hard ‘Riders fan. He moved to Victoria in his teens and quickly became enthralled with the mountains and the river experiences that BC provides. He initially picked up paddling skills canoeing the voyager routes of Northern Saskatchewan, and has since applied them to the rivers of the Rockies and Coast Mountain Range.

With a zest for travel and a passion for the rafting industry, Graham has honed his skills on some of the most challenging rivers around the world. Over the course of his rafting career he has traveled to more than 30 countries and rafted commercially on every continent except for Antarctica.

His years of experience in the industry have helped him build a team of top end, professional guides from within Canada and some of the most highly regarded rafting countries around the world. With the right pieces in place, and an understanding of the varied challenges of the rafting industry, Graham helps to provide every customer with a safe, exceptional and memorable raft trip.

Whether he is running the class five rapids of Australia’s Tully River or hitchhiking through Burundi, pushing his own comfort level is what keeps a smile on Graham’s face. When he isn’t floating down a river or traveling through foreign jungles you can find him on his mountain bike, working on his kite-boarding skills, or sitting by a campfire.

Nicole Dresler
Reservations & Sales Manager

New to our team this year, Nicole is excited to be part of the Canadian Outback Rafting Family!

Moving out to BC with her family in her teens, Nicole fell in love with the mountains and everything our beautiful province has to offer. She quickly became passionate about the outdoors and caring for the environment. When she is not in the office you will find her hiking, climbing, camping, and traveling.

It is her enthusiasm for the outdoors that drew her into the Adventure Tourism Industry. She strives to provide exceptional guest service and to create a unique experience for each guest that rafts with us. She wants each guest to experience the excitement and thrill that she does while outdoors.

Nicole, who is always looking to add to her list of experiences, hopes to inspire people to spend more time outside, and to step outside of their comfort zone by saying yes to adventure.

Kevin Fraser
Operations Manager

Kevin hails from a little known place called California. After following a girl to Canada he figured out our country wasn’t so bad, and the girl wasn’t too shabby either. When Kevin isn’t driving our Vancouver shuttles or trip leading, he is the number one expert on getting our buses to run on stoke. Whenever they are a bit low just call Kevin and he’ll fill them right up. He is also our Master Dunker, a specialist in cleaning wetsuits. No one gets them quite as sparkling as he does. Kevin is also working on his thesis paper for his master’s degree titled, “The Effects of Scented Candles on The Brain in Relation To Third World Countries”.

Jennifer Cudnik
RIver Manager

Jennifer Cudnik or more commonly known by JC (only her Mom calls her Jennifer) grew up in Georgia and moved to California after studying at The University of Georgia to get her degree in Banking and Finance. After finding out that an office life was not for her she went to guide school and learned to guide a raft. After falling in love with what she was doing she has spent the last 10 years guiding all over the world. Places like New Zealand, Norway, Alaska, the Grand Canyon and Ethiopia have all had the pleasure of hearing her cackle of a laugh as she guides down the river.

When not on the river you can find her at the CrossFit gym, working in the Emergency Medical Services or may catch a glimpse of her on TV in such shows as “The Resident” or “The Walking Dead”. Her various life experiences make her able to handle whatever situation arises. She looks forward to seeing you on the water!

Current Openings

Operational Department

White Water Rafting Junior Guide – Summer 2020
We are looking for key team members to join as white water rafting junior guides for the 2020 summer season. Their roles and responsibilities will be focused on safety, logistics and customer service. Click on the link above for more details.

Driver – Summer 2020
We are looking for key team members to join as drivers for the 2020 summer season. Click on the link above for more details.

Reservations Department

No positions currently available.

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