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A: Yes, you can download and print the waiver here. Upon arrival, everyone will be required to sign a release of liability waiver. Youths 18 years or younger require a parent or guardian’s signature. If under the age of 19 and a guardian cannot be present to sign, please download our waiver PDF file to be printed and pre-signed by the parent or guardian and a witness. The waiver must be dated for the DAY of the tour.
A: Wear easy to change clothing appropriate for the weather that day. For rafting wear a bathing suit or swim shorts under the wetsuit we’ll provide you with (you are welcome to bring your own if you have one). Some people wear a layer of polypropylene long underwear, polar fleece, or a thin wool sweater under their wetsuit. This is entirely optional, though a good idea for anyone who may get chilled easily or during cooler temperatures. Do not wear cotton while rafting as it retains cold against your body. You will get wet, so bring a towel and dry set of clothes to change into after the trip. Also bring a plastic bag in which to put your wet clothes into.
A: We provide you with:
  • a full farmer john wetsuit
  • a wetsuit jacket
  • booties for your feet
  • a helmet
  • life jacket
  • Spray jackets are also available upon request.
A: This is NOT recommended as there is high potential for your camera to get wet or damaged. There is also nowhere to store your camera on the raft or on your body. If you must bring a camera we recommend a disposable water proof version so if you lose it or break it you won’t be devastated!Our photographer will follow you down the river as you raft, taking high resolution action shots of your trip. You can purchase the photos at the end of the trip for $55 + tax. The link we will send you is completely transferable among your entire group and they are the best photos you could possibly get of your rafting adventure.We also have the option to rent a GoPro camera for the day for $55 + tax so that you can take home hi-def video memories of your adventure. You even have the opportunity to double the action, and buy GoPro video footage and photos for only $90 + tax.
A: We run our rafting trips from April through September. Our rivers are unique because they are fed by snow pack melting high above on the glaciers. This helps ensure steady flows all season long. No matter when you choose to raft with us you’ll have an amazing time! Check the website for current dates and availability.
A: We have up to 8 people per raft, plus 1 guide.
We do our best to keep groups together in the rafts, however, sometimes to ensure there is enough weight in each boat we have to split groups up. To ensure your group is all in one boat we recommend "Booking a Boat"
A: Trips run rain or shine. If the forces of Mother Nature are too great, making the river conditions unsafe to raft or there are any other circumstances beyond our control, we retain the right to cancel the trip. We will rebook your rafting adventure for another day or issue a full refund.
A: Groups of 1-10 guests: We have adjusted our cancellation policy to 48 hours notice in order to receive a full refund.Groups of 11+ guests: For larger groups we have a 7 day cancellation policy in order to receive a full refund.All cancellations are subject to a 5% administration fee regardless of the time the cancellation is requested.
A: Canadian Outback Rafting has an outstanding safety record. All of our guides are fully certified to the highest standards of the British Columbia Rafting Outfitters Association (BCROA). Our rafting guides are also very experienced and have extensive training in safety, first aid, risk and incident management and prevention.Before your trip, we provide a full safety briefing, and ensure that you are aware that with any adventure activity like this, there are inherent risks.We strongly encourage you to NOT participate in the on-river portion of the trip if you do not feel comfortable doing so at any time prior to departure, or even during the trip itself.Although injuries and fatalities in rafting are rare, they do occur. River conditions can change unexpectedly and very dangerous situations can arise quickly, putting you at personal risk.You must take responsibility to be aware of the all the risks involved in an activity of this nature, and feel comfortable signing a waiver before agreeing to go rafting.
A: We take full payment via credit card at the time of booking. We do require that you pre book as we need to know ahead of time how many people are coming on the tour to ensure we have enough guides and rafts for everyone.
A: This is completely at your own discretion. You will be required to sign a waiver at check in, which leaves Canadian Outback Rafting not responsible for any injuries that may occur during the tour. We often take people out rafting who cannot swim, we just recommend you tell your guide and they will seat you close to themselves at the back of the raft. If you have an injury or health concern we recommend you consult with your doctor before participating in this activity.
A: No, we do not have lockers at the rafting base. We suggest you leave all valuables including jewelry at home or in your hotel room. If this is not possible you can also leave valuables locked in your car. Please note that Canadian Outback Rafting is not responsible for any items that are left behind by accident.
A: Anyone who has consumed alcohol or any form of narcotics prior to departure will not be allowed on the rafting trip and will forfeit any refunds. We also recommend avoiding heavy drinking the night before the trip. We suggest stag groups plan their night of partying for after the rafting trip rather than the evening before. Clients are welcome to bring their own alcohol to the rafting resort to consume in moderation after the trip.
A: Unfortunately there is no on-site store or restaurant at our rafting resort. We do have granola bars and chips for sale. Please bring any snacks and water with you. We are located a short drive from downtown Squamish where you will have access to all amenities. For suggestions, be sure to ask our staff

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